UK Siberian Husky racing


twenty seasons: this is where it all starts...


The British Siberian Husky Racing Association was formed by a group of Britain’s leading Sled Dog Drivers following the dissolution of BSDRA (British Sleddog Racing Association) at the end of the 1995/1996 race season. Now in it’s 20th season and with 3 of the original organisers still involved, BSHRA’s objective remains unchanged; to provide Siberian Husky owners with a credible British siberian husky racing championship.

We enjoy the benefit of a professional quality TAG Heuer timing system which measures competitors to 1/1000th of a second and utilise only premier race sites which are ultimately very kind to the dogs. These incorporate a wide variety of terrain and surface.

©Roger Bellamy / BSHRA

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    BSHRA Rendlesham1 (16-17th January, 2016) Over the 21 years I’ve organised races, some have been in the most terrible weather known in this country; frozen trails at Brandon, snow bound overnight at Kings East and pouring rain (just about everywhere!)… You can’t even imagine my excitement when I saw the weather forecast for race weekend. […]

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    BSHRA Cranwich/R2 (19-20th December, 2015) The event on the 19/20th December was to be the third event in our calendar this season but due to the last minute cancellation of Darnaway it was in fact the second event and our first event as, due to ill health and other problems, we were not ready to take […]

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